Hot Spring

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Hot Spring

It is said that hot spring water from Hime river has high moisture retaining property and also warm your body faster. Sodium chloride spring water has effect on recovery from fatigue, chronic skin disease and it is proud of smoothness.  Hot spring will give you total relaxation after summer trekking or winter skiing.

Quality of spring
Sodium chloride

Neuralgia, muscle pain, burning, coldness, recovery from fatigue etc.

Open hours

* Free of charge for over-night guests.
* Day use is also  available (with payment).
* Shampoo, rinse, body soap and hair dryers are available.

* Guests with tattoo are prohibited from using the hot springs. However, if the guest can cover up their tattoo with 2 cover sheets (8cm x 10cm), they can use the hot spring. For more details, please contact front desk.